21 abril 2009

Extreme Beauty in Vogue.

(Erwin Blumenfeld, Jean Patchett, 1950)

The many faces of feminine beauty through the pages of Vogue is the theme of the exhibition Extreme Beauty in Vogue, an extraordinary exhibition on display from March 4 through May 10 at Milan's Palazzo della Ragione.

(Richard Avedon, Twiggy, 1968)

Created and curated by Anna Wintour, with design and art direction by Jean Nouvel, the exhibition investigates the role of beauty in our culture and how the female beauty has changed, with Vogue as a referee.

Anna Wintour and her team have selected 89 images for this exhibition from the archives of Vogue from its founding in 1892 until now.

2 comentarios:

  1. uy, algunas me han encantado, otras me han parecido inverosímiles y otras me han dado miedo, je, je

    espero que lo estés pasando estupendamente en NY, cuéntanos a la vuelta para darnos envidia ;)

  2. Wow, exponen muchos de mis fotografos de moda favoritos.. que pena no poder ir a ver la exposición a Milan.. ais ais


    xo xo